The aurora’s dynamic, flickering display of colors in the night sky is the source of inspiration for this spectacular installation. The installation, Aurora, is created from the smartphone glass backs from HONOR’s flagship collection. Made to the highest standards of innovation and craftsmanship, they exude colorful, ever-changing radiance that resemble the aurora phenomenon. It is the exquisite design of these smartphone glass backs that reminded the artist of the natural marvel and inspired her to create this installation.

HONOR is a trend-setter and sees the beauty in the unconventional. A great amount of precision was taken in the manufacturing of these glass backs because just one single dust particle will ruin the whole set of membranes. For every five membranes made, one has to be discarded.

With sheer creativity, what is considered industry waste can be turned into art. Aurora is created using approximately 2,000 pieces of these recycled smartphone glass backs.